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Kashae Wings of Hope

Blue Makena Basket

Blue Makena Basket

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This raffia basket is handcrafted in Madagascar with a drawstring closing and non leather handle.
Appliqué work is unique - no 2 baskets are the same
This is a wider version than the Noraah basket.

Height:  33cm

Top width:  50cm

Bottom width:  27cm


Raffia is a local 100% natural fibre that comes from the raffia Palm in the Madagascan rainforest. These trees have to be harvested regularly to enable the surrounding fauna to grow.
Raffia is biodegradable and durable. A great combination to our natural sustainable cork fabric.

All our baskets are handcrafted by our team of artisans in Madagascar, helping them to create a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

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