Animal Sanctuary support

Each month we support several animal sanctuaries.

1.  Till the cows come home 

‘Til The Cows Come Home is an Australian not-for-profit animal charity that was founded in 2018. They rescue unwanted, unviable, “waste’’ farmed animals, rehabilitate them in short term foster care and rehome them into safe, forever-loving homes as companions.


2.  Crankys Farm

Cranky's FARM is a registered charity dedicated to caring for unwanted, neglected or abused farm animals. Cranky's FARM has been operating since 2010


Every year, millions of unwanted farm animals suffer an unimaginable fate as they are deemed “waste”

Our vision is to create a more compassionate world where farm animals
are viewed as companions, not commodities.

No animal products are used in the manufacture of our items - we choose plant based fabrics.