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Natural cork Back pack

Natural cork Back pack

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These backpacks are the perfect size.
Made from soft and durable cork with a bamboo backing.

The crochering is made from raffia in Madagascar.
Our bags are handmade and made in small batches
As a Fair Trader of Australia our artisans are paid a fair wage, work in a safe environment, no child or slave labour is used, no harmful chemicals are used.


L :38
H : 27

Cleaning your cork bag:

Your cork handbag may slightly change colors over time especially in high-use areas like the straps.
Simply clean with warm soapy water and a reusable cloth.
Make sure to dry your bag with a clean dry cloth and air dry.


Raffia is a local 100% natural fibre that comes from the raffia Palm in the Madagascan rainforest. These trees have to be harvested regularly to enable the surrounding fauna to grow.
Raffia is biodegradable and durable. A great combination to our natural sustainable cork fabric.

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