Choosing fairer, greener and cruelty free products

We are 100% cruelty free brand

At Kashae we use plant based fabrics that are kinder to our planet, chemical free so safer for our artisans and cruelty free as no animal products are used
We are registered Fair Traders of Australia following the 10 principles of Fair Trade.

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  • Our Brand

    Our brand is built on following Fair Trade practices which benefit our artisans and our planet.
    We offer an alternative to animal leather by using plant based materials.
    Our bags are unique, functional and high quality.

  • 10 Principles of Fair Trade

    1. Opportunities for disadvantaged producers.
    2. Transparency and accountability

    3. Fair Trade Practices.

    4. Fair Payment
    5. No child or forced labour

    6. No discrimination. Gender equality. Freedom of association.

    7. Good working conditions.

    8. Capacity building

    9. Promote Fair Trade

    10. Respect for the environment 
  • Our materials

    We use plant based materials in the production of our bags.
    Cork from Portugal, raffia from Madagascar, cactus leather from Mexico, hemp from Nepal and canvas from India.

    We do not use any animal products in the manufacture of our bags.
    Tanning of animal hides involves the use of chemicals which is dangerous for the artisans and pollutes the waterways. (Principles 7 and 10)
    We do not believe in exploiting animals for food or fashion.