Our Projects

We have several projects we are working on in 2017.

1.  Madagascar.
We work closely with our artisans who make our bags, baskets, hats and animals.  We have been over to visit with them and Narina is our lady running our programs for us.

We have recently started a sewing program in Madagascar.  Narina has two ladies who produce our dresses.  We would love to increase this program and employ more ladies as our program develops.
This range of clothing is called our HOPE Collection as it is giving hope to women living in poverty.  
One of our goals is to help our artisans out of poverty through sustainable employment.

We support a school Le Maison D'Aina in Madagascar through the sale of our bags, hats and clothing.  Buying books, uniforms and helping with food parcels for the families.  

2.  Cambodia.

We work with a group of girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  By providing employment through the sale of the beautiful clothing they make - gives them their Freedom to change their lives and have a hope for their future.
This range is called our FREEDOM Collection.

3.  South Africa

We work with organisations in Cape Town who are fair trade certified.  They supply us with beautiful handmade jewellery and hand painted candles.  We also support a HIV program in the Hillcrest area and a pottery centre in Pilgrims Rest who train local artisans to create their beautiful range of pottery, stained glass items and woven mats.

4.  Uganda.

We supply birthing kits to women living in rural areas through the sale of our Poppy Dolls and fabric sanitary pads made by local ladies in our community.  These are sent to Mercy Seat Missions who work closely with escapee child soldiers.

5.  Colombia.

A 2017 project is to support the women in Columbia who make natural jewellery from fruit, nuts, seeds and coffee beans.

6. Boomerang Bags

Brand new project in our community - supplying our local shops with fabric bags made from recycled fabric and by local ladies.  This is to help reduce plastic that is destroying our planet and oceans.